Easy Installation

  • Unroll the silicon tape (included) and wrap it around the seat tube above the location of the water bottle holder or below the cable guide( on some bikes)- silicon tape stretches and seals to itself- no glue. This is anti-slip material for the motor clamp.
  • Take out motor/clamp assembly- hold the clamp and motor parallel to the seat post until the clamp is aligned with the silicon tape and with the motor aligned with the tire such that the friction material on the drive roller is also centered on the tire.
  • With the clamp aligned, tension the clamp lever and press until lever is locked. The amount of pressure required for a secure fit and alignment is similar the force required on the seat post clamp. The more pressure it takes, the more secure the installation. You are almost finished (this is very quick the 2nd time around). Proceed to battery module install.
  • Insert battery case in water bottle holder or use the velcro straps (provided to attach to the seat post, securely. Insert motor power cable into receptacle on battery box- align the notches on the plug and socket- press in and tighten the round nut onto the receptacle threads until secure- power on and your’re ready to ride.

STR (Simulated Torque Response) is Outrunner’s proprietary system that makes your effort count for more. You pedal — and the harder you pedal the more help Outrunner’s electric power systems responds to assist your effort. It is amazingly exciting and a very natural feeling.

Its small size and portability make Outrunnner the most convenient bike enhancement available and its simple clamping mechanism takes no more time than adjusting the seat post on your bike – no tools need.

If you already own a bike — like 100 million other Americans — get back on the road with Outrunner.