Unlike some other electric bike products which add lots of extra weight with heavy batteries, cumbersome wires and require you to be an experienced bike mechanic to install their systems, Outrunner is designed to quickly instal and uninstal in seconds without any tools and operates simply by providing additional electric power when you need it.

The added power flattens the feel of hills, enables you to get up to cruising speed faster and ride further without feeling exhausted. Most importantly, it puts a smile on your face!

Outrunner uses continuous friction contact with the tire to assess your pedal input and transmits power activated by your pedal cadence. When the motor senses that you have begun pedaling, the system begins simulating the power you are providing and the power increases, as you increase your effort. If you cease to maintain the same pace or effort, the system reduces power to match what your are providing.
You cannot trick the system to provide power if you do not provide your own. The experience is the most natural and exhilarating you may ever have on a bike. Human effort and electric power just simply go well together.

This is not a simple cadence throttle, as Outrunner‘s software knows when your effort is greater — even if your legs are not moving quickly.

The system will also let you know when it is time to shift gears, as it pauses when you have reached the maximum rpm for the gear ratio. The momentary pause signals that it’s time to shift.

Outrunner does its magic by adding power whenever you add power, but without using sensors and wires. It knows when you need help by using a proprietary algorithm so that the rider can focus on the road, enjoy the scenery and let Outrunner do the rest.