Each country has its maximum speed limits, we will offer systems that meet national and local laws. Europe generally is 16 mph (25 kph) and in the US 20 mph (32 kph) top speed, where applicable. The distance can vary from 10-15 mi per charge(16-24 km).

The Outrunner system supplements the efforts of the rider so run-time and distance may vary with the weight and strength of the rider. Riding terrain and the desired amount of boost also may impact the run-time of the system.

tire treads
Outrunner is designed to work for most bikes and includes several mounting options. Most tire types will work but road tires with a smooth center or “slicks” work best. The water-resistant design allows the system to work while riding in wet environments.

The Outrunner team can work with you to find the solution or custom design for unusual frame styles or specialized application.

The Outrunner is designed to last for a minimum of 5 hours, depending on level of engagement. The more work the rider does, the longer the power will last. It takes 5 hours with the standard charger and only about 2 hours on the high rate charger.

The high-quality lithium-ion battery has an expected life of 500-800 cycles.

Yes, and no. The Outrunner includes a sturdy aluminum-based motor mounting system that relies more on the software than the motor power. We are all friction-drive based but that is where the similarities end. Our system is intended to help you enjoy biking and not replace your effort. The others (Add – E, etc) , try to make your bike into an ebike that requires you to pedal to make it start but it then overrides your effort. We ask, “Whats the point of riding a bike if something else is doing the work? ”
If your bike has a short frame under 15″ measured from bottom bracket to cross tube, own a trike, recumbent, bike with a rear fender, or rear suspension bike, it might be necessary to order the front mount system (see models).
No, these options allow for non-grid connected charging and remote recharging. They are comparable to using the wall charger.