P.E.Drives announces its first of an exciting, new low-cost line of electric enhancement systems for bicycles and small vehicles. Prices from: $299


Introducing: Outrunner – a super lightweight, solar charging, smart cycling enhancement!


Outrunner  Outrunner
At less than 2 lbs and 20-30 second installation – $299 – (it fits in your pockets)


leafOutrunner is the first product of PE-Drives — it is a balance of human power and electric power for your bike, promising more efficient fitness and fun. The more effort you make, the more help you get from its 250-500 watt motor system. “We want to start a new revolution in cycling and fitness,” says Joe Stevenson — an old hand in brushless motors and electric transportation.

With the system’s proprietary STR (Simulated Torque Response) control, the intent is to make cycling and exercise simply more fun and effective — but not to replace your effort with battery power.  We created a fusion of human and electric power to flatten hills, to “hold your own” with stronger riders, and allow you to go farther.

The system is designed for a top-assisted speed, in the US of 20 mph (32kph) and Europe and Asia at 16mph (25kph) or customized for your application for larger volume customers.