Every Bike is better with our Outrunner Boost!

2lbs (w/battery) – 20 seconds to install (no tools)


What is enhanced/boosted cycling?

  • An average human cyclist can sustain 1/7-1/4 horsepower – doubling your power with a small, high tech, electric motor multiplies your effort and total efficiency– everything works better while taking nothing away from the benefits of cycling  = more fun and fitness! 

Why does this matter?

  • for commuters– it gets you there faster and fresher
  • for recreational riders- it helps you keep up with stronger riders
  • for health and fitness-focused riders- it helps maintain a higher and more consistent cadence which has been shown to both improve overall fitness but increase heart health while burning more calories- enjoy the benefits of indoor cycling trainers outdoors!
  • for weight carrying cyclist- cargo, delivery, child carrying- tandems- it flattens hills and takes some of the load off.
  • even for just normal cycling safety, it can help by allowing faster acceleration from a standstill and quicker maneuvering in traffic
  • for just having more fun going a little faster than normal can be exhilarating 

 Why should I buy an Outrunner and not an electric bike, or nothing, and just work harder?

  • Nothing else offers a 1-2lbs drive with STR (simulated torque response) effort matching system)- most electric bikes are more like mopeds and exercise is optional.
  • It takes a few seconds to install with no tools or added installation cost.
  • It is as low-cost option as exists in the market- some are similar in price but do not offer complete systems. Many others exclude the expensive battery to look cheaper. Price options range from 199-$299 plus a range of battery  and distance choices plus solar charging.
  • Easier to use than anything available- you just turn it on and pedal and it matches your effort, you just enjoy the ride!
  • STR– only the most expensive electric bikes(1500-$4500) offer a similar feature- it keeps your bike being used for what most of us own a bike for- fitness,  requiring that you do as much work as you can while making it feel like you are more powerful!

Join the enhanced(boosted) cycling evolution! The era of 1-2 electric motors/batteries and effort matching computers has arrived!